Can you help? An 84 year old woman searching for her mother’s grave site. Please share the story, add your research hints in comments below and help find her resting place.

“”Did you know my mother?” Please help my 84 year old mother Gwen, find her own mother’s grave. Her mother was born Hilda Josephine Hennessey on June 17th 1904, to parents Nellie Hennessey and Sidney Upton of Windsor NSW. Hilda married Albert Hall in 1927. Sadly in 1939 when my mother was only 8 years old her mother abandoned her to run away with the her lover Harry (Henry) Connvery. No one has seen them since. Did you know her? Maybe she was related to you or your friend. We know she has passed by now but would dearly love to find her final resting place and give my beautiful mother some closure before she moves on from this world. We’ve been searching for years!”"

Can you help_Hilda Josephine Hennessey