Inside History magazine is for people passionate about Australian and New Zealand genealogy, history and heritage. An edition of mysteries, truths and history: issue 23 of Inside History (July-August) is here.

Charles Darwin, Who Do You Think You Are?, the Eureka stockade, British India, how to decode your family photos, and much more! The July-August issue of Inside History covers a lot of ground and, as always, fascinating tales from the past – iconic moments and untold stories alike. Uncover the little-known truth of what happened to our illustrious cover boy, Charles Darwin. In our exclusive investigation into what really killed the eminent scientist, we delve into the origins and evolution of his long-term illness by examining an untapped source: his family tree.

Re-examine one of the darkest chapters of Australian history in our second and final instalment on the Myall Creek massacre of 1838. In this disturbing yet compelling account, Senior Crown Prosecutor for New South Wales Mark Tedeschi AM QC re-examines the atrocity’s aftermath and subsequent trials. See which early colonial settlers got away with murder – and what the perpetrators’ descendants had to say about their forebears’ horrific crimes. Read an extract from the first instalment – click here.

Discover the truth about the Eureka Stockade and what the goldfields were really like. Fresh off winning the 2014 Stella Prize, acclaimed historian and author Clare Wright explains how women’s crucial roles on Eureka’s goldfields and battlefields came to be forgotten.

Plus, hear the inside scoop on the latest season of hit show Who Do You Think You Are? and meet this year’s featured Aussie celebs – not to mention the ancestors they unearth! Inside History chats to comedian and writer Paul McDermott and actor Lisa McCune about their experiences on set, their family history mysteries and their efforts to restore and remember their ancestors after the cameras stopped rolling.

Solve mysteries and uncover truths of your own with our in-depth guide to photo-dating by expert Jayne Shrimpton. Decode generations’ worth of family snaps with her top techniques and tricks for analysing old photographs from the dawn of commercial photography through to the mid-20th century.

But what about when you’ve unexpectedly found old snapshots of strangers from Victorian England and British India? Inside History investigates the story behind some beautiful, never-before-seen 19th-century photographs that were discovered by chance in a Brisbane tip. Meet the young soldier, his mysterious fiancee, and their families, and learn how you can help in the global campaign to reunite them with their owners.

We also venture behind the scenes of the up-and-coming ABC World War One documentary, The War That Changed Us, and hear about the challenges of researching and recreating the wartime world. Series writer and director Don Featherstone and one of the lead actors, Myles Pollard, let us in on the stories behind the show, including the eerie parallels between Myles’ character and his own grandfather.

Next, the Australian War Memorial looks at everyday life for soldiers at Gallipoli and on the lesser-known Palestine front of World War One, exploring the challenges they faced and the struggles of waiting for weeks, sometimes months, for news from home.

Uncover your own military history links as we spotlight the exciting Discovering Anzacs resource, a collaboration between the National Archives of Australia and Archives New Zealand. See which invaluable records the website boasts and learn about a World War One air ace, the All Blacks rugby captain turned soldier, and the South Australian private who invented the tank.

Commemorate, confront and uncover the past – from unknown secrets to significant milestones, tragedies and triumphs alike – in the latest issue of Inside History. Also in this edition:

  • Our fossicking journey around the ruins and riches of historic New South Wales gold settlements
  • 78 unique resources recently added online!
  • The latest historic newspapers digitised in Australia and the British Isles
  • A new database to share convict women’s stories
  • The first in-depth historical study of Indigenous Australians’ military service from the Boer War onwards
  • An elusive 20th-century weightlifter and his modern-day granddaughter’s efforts to trace his mysterious life

And much more – in fact, 76 pages of terrific features, practical information on genealogy, chances to network with other family historians, and book and app reviews. On sale now online – click here to buy!

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